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2 Way passive crossover for loudspeakers 12dB/Oct

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Manufacturer Audio products.

High-end passive loudspeaker crossover.

100W RMS power handling.



Linkwitz-Riley topologie. 

Versions for 4,6 and 8 Ohm Tweeters and 4 or 8 Ohm Woofers available.

Versions for 1750Hz, 2000Hz, 2250Hz, 2500Hz, 3000Hz and 3500Hz available.

Jantzen air coils for both high and low.

Jantzen Cross cap capacitors for both high and low 

Faston connectors for input and outputs.

-3dB attenuation circuit for tweeter with 8 Watt resistors.

Double sided PCB with black mask finish.

Dimension 112 x 131 mm



6 pieces 5 mm Polyamide standoffs and 6 pieces M3 x 14 black screws (unlike picture). 

Colored cables for input and output with crimped faston connectors on one side to fit the PCB.

  • Input 2.5mm² Red and Black 0.3 meter long
  • Output tweeter 2.5mm² Yellow and Brown 0.6 meter long
  • Output Woofer 2.5mm² Blue and Brown 0.4 meter long
Select the correct model for your application carefully.
Product picture is for 2500 T8 – W8 model

Select your model crossover frequency, woofer impedance and tweeter impedance.

To order the PCB only select ‘no selection’ for frequency and impedance options.

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