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System controller and digital Volume control for modulair preamp

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System controller and digital volume control for modular pre-amplifier.

Assembled and tested module with manual.

This module is designed to control our modular pre-amplifier and holds the system firmware.

It works in conjunction with the CONTROLLER-02 4 x 20 lines text LCD with rotary encoder module.

The SYSCON01A contains the digital volume control circuit, based on the Burr-Brown PGA2310UA high-end volume control chip, I2C serial interface, infrared communication, 12V trigger interface and connections for power button and LED.


Gain and Attenuation Range 31.5 dB to −95.5 dB With 0.5 dB or 1 dB steps
Balance control ±9.5 dB
Low Noise and Distortion 120-dB Dynamic Range with 0.0004% THD+N at 1 kHz
Interchannel Crosstalk −126 dBFS
Noise-Free Level Transitions
Muting circuit
Extremely stable integrated ±11V power supply for the PGA2310 volume controll chip

System control:
Based on a Microchip ATMega328 microcontroller running at 8MHz.

Infra red interface with programmable control codes to use any RC5 remote control.

12V trigger output to control power amplifiers.

Full control of all pre-amplifier functions
Auto detection of plugin boards with user description for each board
Function control by IR remote and rotary encoder
Programmable codes for IR remote control

Board size 50 x 100mm

DIN 41617 connector (silver plated)

Supply voltage ±13V to ±14V and 12V DC

12V trigger out 100mA max.


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