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Linear power supply for Riden RD6006 module

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This superb alternative for the horrible quality and noisy SMPS offered on Chinese websites turns your Riden RD6006 into an excellent LAB power supply .


150VA (5A) 42V DC linear power supply for Riden RD6006 lab power supply.
A 150VA transformer is mounted on the PCB.
Transformer voltage 30VAC 150VA 5A.
Board fits in metal case for Riden RD6006 sold on Chinese web shops.
Fan control board supplied with RD6006 metal case fits on the PCB.
Full wave rectifier for single voltage rail.
4 x TO220 fast rectifier diodes on individual heat sinks.
Faston PCB connectors for easy and rigid connecting of cables.
Double sided PCB.

6 x 4700uF/63V (28200uF total) buffer caps.
Up to 5A continue power output.
Dimensions 140mm (W) x 160mm (H)


Two versions are available:


PCB only with manual


KIT with construction manual and all parts and transformer included. 


Note that the actual Riden RD6006 module and the metal casing shown on the images are NOT included in this KIT.

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