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Acvive 2/3 way 24dB Linkwitz Riley crossover module single channel

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All analog Active crossover filter with Linkwitz Riley topology.


Linkwitz Riley 24dB/Octave.

Single channel (2 boards needed for Stereo).

Configure Filter as a 3 Way, 2 way or 2 way with subwoofer.

Crossover points adjustable with pluggable resistor bank boards.

Hand selected Wima FKP polypropylene filter capacitors within 1% tolerance.

Two plug-in function boards per output to add additional filter stages.
Balanced input and balanced and unbalanced output stages.
Separate power supply connection for filter stage and input- output stage.

Audio detection output for POWERSWITCH-01 board.

Available in 3 OpAmp variations:



(Opamps are in IC sockets)


Resistor banks RBOARD2

Function boards

2, 3 and 4 pole connection cables

Power supply module PSP05

Power switch module POWERSWITCH-01

In- and output terminal boards

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