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High End Power supply Module ±63V or ±100V max 14A

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High-End power supply for powering Power amplifiers.
For single channel power amplifier.
Double sided PCB.
High ripple current, Low impedance.
Full wave rectifier with dual voltage rail up to 100V 14A per rail.
4 x TO220 fast rectifier diodes on individual heatsinks.
Faston PCB connectors for easy and rigid connecting of cables.
Dimensions PCB 145mm W x 122mm D

3 versions are available:

PCB only.
Printed circuit board with manual no parts included.

Assembled and tested module 63V.
12 x 10.000uF (60.000μF per voltage rail)
Up to 14A continue power output.
Ripple current 28.5A.
Max transformer voltage 2 x 42VAC (dual winding or center tap).

Assembled and tested module 100V.
12 x 4.700uF (23.500μF per voltage rail)
Up to 26.4A continue power output.
Ripple current 17A.
Max transformer voltage 2 x 65VAC (dual winding or center tap).

All modules are equipped with Samwha HE series 105ºC high ripple current power capacitors from South Korea.

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